"A Frame Dance Productions engagement is more than a dance concert; it's an immersive experience that allows the audience to appreciate movement in ways that go beyond the proscenium stage." -- Houston Press

Frame Dance is committed to 100% new music. 

Frame Dance is committed to using new, original music in all its productions. Frame Dance has held an annual competition since 2011 to select pieces of music for its upcoming season. The competition offers outstanding, emerging composers a forum for their recognition as well as an opportunity to collaborate with the dance performance company. The winning composer’s music – a completed, unpublished piece, becomes the basis of a new original work at Frame Dance – film and/or live performance. This successful competition has attracted exciting new composers from the U.S. and across the world to collaborate with Frame Dance. Houstonians are exposed to the work of new composers who, in turn, have their music fully produced and choreographed. Some of these collaborations have become particularly fruitful and have spurred even more work with Frame Dance.

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$ 15.00

Frame Dance Productions announces its competition to select 1-3 pieces of music for its upcoming 2017 season. Its two-fold purpose is to offer outstanding emerging composers a forum for their recognition as well as an opportunity to collaborate with the dance performance company, Frame Dance. We are looking for completed pieces.

Award and Performance
The winning composers' music will be the basis of new original work– film and/or live performance, and your music will be exposed to new audiences.  The composer and music will be featured prominently as a collaborator with Frame Dance Productions.  There are often press opportunities to increase the composer’s visibility as well as the possibility of future commissions.  The composer will, in essence, have a fully produced dance work centered around his/her music.

All composers, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, are eligible.

Submission Guidelines
This year, works may be written for solo, duo, trio, or quartet.
Acoustic works that utilize electronic playback are also acceptable.
Electronic music is accepted and encouraged.

PLEASE NOTE: This year, we are working in partnership with Lagan Percussion, and at least one piece we select this year will be for percussion.  We are also looking for music that can be walked while played-- percussion or not. If your music does not fall into either of these categories, that's okay.  We are considering all music that falls under the "Submission Guidelines."   If you have any questions, please contact us.

Interested composers should submit:

• a recording of the piece(s) NO MIDI files will be considered; please include instrumentation in the notes

• a biography 

Entry Fee and Deadline
The entry fee is $15.00. Composers may submit one, two, or three pieces for the single entry fee.

The deadline is Sunday, January 8, 2017. The winning composition will be announced at FrameDance.org on January 31, 2017.

For more information on Frame Dance Productions, please visit FrameDance.org.

By submitting a composition to this competition, you hereby grant Frame Dance Productions a royalty free, fully paid up right and license to use, have used, copy, make derivative works, perform, and have performed the submitted composition, including the score and any audio recordings thereof, if such composition is selected as a winner of the competition (the “License”). By submitting a composition to this competition, you hereby represent and warrant that you have the right and authority to grant the License.  

Past Winners

2016: Sam L. Richards, Panayiotis Kokoras

2015: Alex Freeman, Gabriel Bolanos, Leah Reid, Joel Love

2014: Robert Honstein, Matthew Peterson, Jonathan Russell, D. Edward Davis

2013: Robert McClure

2012: Charles Halka

2011: Micah Clark

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What length are you looking for?
A: We are flexible!  Probably nothing under three minutes or over 20 minutes, but if it's the right piece, we won't hold to those numbers.
Q: What do you mean that I grant Frame Dance to "make derivative works" if I am selected as a winner?
A: We often make promotional videos and utilize the composers' music-- sometimes in its entirety and sometimes as an excerpt.  We have no intention of cutting up your music and reworking it, but we do present clips in things like promotional videos.
Q: Will my music be performed live with Frame Dance?
A: Yes, we make every effort to present your work live, and this year the percussion piece will be performed by Lagan Percussion.  We frequently work with musicians from Rice University, Baylor University, and the University of Houston.  We often perform in non-traditional spaces, and if we re-set the work for one of these spaces it may not always allow for live performance.  This is why we ask for an excellent recording at the time of submission.  We try to perform your works as much as possible, to expose you and Frame Dance to new audiences, and this means doing it with live musicians and occasionally the recording.